Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What to Expect When Getting a Composite Filling

Composite fillings are among the most common of all dental procedures. Though you might think of metal fillings that make you look like you have a mouth full of metal, dentists can now use composite materials that actually match the color and appearance of your other teeth. Before your next appointment, you may want to think about what will actually happen.

Determining if You Need a Filling

The dentist must first determine if you even need a filling. He or she will typically accomplish this through a full exam of your teeth and x-rays taken of your mouth. Composite fillings are suitable for teeth with small cracks along the tops and sides, larger gaps between teeth, broken teeth and teeth that show severe signs of decay. A filling can often reduce your risk of needing a root canal later and may reduce any signs of TMJ that you experience.

Filling Procedures

After determining that you need a filling, the doctor will give you an injection that numbers your mouth. The dentist can then remove any decay surrounding the tooth and remove any damaged portions of the tooth. The next step involves the filling itself. Dentists place the composite resin inside the tooth and carefully mold it until it completely covers the damaged portion and matches the rest of your smile. Dentists can even dye the resin with special colors to ensure it matches the natural color of your teeth.

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